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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

While my youngest daughter was gone on a road trip my husband and I got a glimpse of our future with only our handicapped daughter and the cats at home. I do believe after this incident we will need to get a few new hobbies. I heard my daughter laughing and found her in the Florida room watching the cat go crazy at the window. It turns out there is a mouse in between the glass and the screen safe from the cat and not budging. I got the one cat out of the room and found the other cat napping so things were safe but the mouse was not coming out of the window. We continued on with our day and soon the mouse came out and sat on top of the mini blinds. When my husband got home from work we went on a mouse hunt. We are apparently not great mousers. It took two adults with two oatmeal containers and an orange juice can a long time and a race through the house to not only keep the mouse away from the cats but catch it too all with my daughter following us giggling. The good news is we did catch the mouse unharmed and he was put outside, my daughter had a few laughs and that is worth the world to us and the cats got some exercise. Also all though the containers we used were for projects of mine they went immediately into the recycle bin. I took some similar pictures with my phone and sent them to my wandering daughter who wanted us to get a cage so we could keep the mouse as a pet. I think not.

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  1. Made me laugh just reading it. Glad S had the giggles, and you caught the mouse and put it outside, where it belongs. Silly cats.