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Monday, November 16, 2009

I had a lovely walk this morning. It is a tad on the cool side but no ice patches yet to slip on! No good trash either..... But I found a dollar bill! Yesterday all I found was a penny so I got a raise today. I will spend the dollar at the hospital parking lot tomorrow. My daughter and I have appointments and need to pick up meds there. Last week trash day netted me two empty pots with trays for next years tomato plants, a pot with hens and chicks all ready planted in it that is now brightening the front window and a quilt that turned out to have a few minor stains and color fading after a spin in the washer at extra hot. It is really new so not even worth cutting up for country chic pillows or "whatevers" but it is pretty and will go to Salvation Army and will keep someone warm. Yesterday my daughter was complaining she didn't have any comfy pants, for working floor sets, that were long enough and had pockets. I searched through patterns and found a couple of stretch fabrics for her to choose from and ran up a pair of pants in no time with the pockets she wanted, in a soft stretch fabric sadly in a yucky color. The pattern is right, she had pants for work and even if she never wears them again it was worth it. I have far too many started projects and not enough finished ones so to finish something was a real motivational boost! I am off to run errands. And just maybe I'll get another project done today.

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