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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What We See When We Walk The Cemetery Route

This is a four mile walk that passes one sweet little family cemetery and ends at a heart wrenching pet cemetery that includes a monument to War Dogs. We took this walk on Saturday February 4, 2012
This is the street that runs behind our street. None of these houses were here when we moved in eleven years ago.
Yet another little pond near our house with some lovely cat tails and a shrub with red berries.
These houses weren't here when we moved here and these roads were dirt then too.
They were very careful of this little family farm cemetery when they widened and paved the road and built the homes next to it.
Some of the birthdays on these markers are from the 1700's. Some of the older stones can't be read. A few have been replaced with shiny new stones in the last couple of years.
Some of the land is still fields and woods, some is in the process of being developed....And even in winter the wild flowers are pretty.
Some of these pets have been here from the 1930's. The flat stones continue into the woods in all directions. A touching tribute to the War Dogs of both Wars To End All Wars.

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