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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Things I Need Help Dating and Pricing

Today's photos are all about trying to date and price a couple of items. I have also taken a ton of photos of items that will soon be for sale in my shops..... I have to take advantage of the sunny days in Michigan in the Winter. This is my Photo of the day project for today.
This tray is very tarnished silver but there doesn't appear to be any pits or scratches. It measures ten inches across. The mark says FORBES; S.P.CO; 147.
This decanter or carafe has a clear glass hollow stopper. It is seven inches tall and three and a half inches across the base. There are no marks.
This vase has flowers etched only on the front. It is eight inches tall. The stem and base are clear glass and the base measures three and a half inches across. The top opening is only two and three quarters across. These pieces are from a friend's grandmother's estate but she has no idea where or when her grandmother acquired these pieces. Are they vintage? what kind of price are we looking at... Any help would be appreciated!

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