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Thursday, February 2, 2012

What Stephanie And I See When We Walk The Trail

Stephanie is ready to go.
The railroad tracks at the beginning of the trail. We like it when a train is passing. We wave to the engineer and count the cars.
Here is the start of the trail at 10 Mile Road.
Even in the Winter there is color in the woods.
This is our little towns water tower.
Half way down the trail.
There is a dirt trail hiding in these trees... This is the shortcut home if we need to cut the walk short... It is tough pushing the chair up that hill though.
This bush has been fooled by the mild weather... The branches are new green and berries are too early.
This stream is usually just a frozen drizzle this time of year.. It has been so warm though it is almost a full Spring run off.
These flowers are bright red in the Spring but fade and last all year. I think they are pretty any season.
When you look left there is a marsh where I have seen foxes. When you look right there are woods where I have seen deer.
Another picture of my favorite model.
These are the two smaller ponds.
This is the big pond.
This is the strangest looking ice I have ever seen... It must be from the weird weather.
The trail goes on for miles from here.. But we turn right and walk up 11 Mile.
Love this wooden bridge.
These grasses are ten to twelve feet high... They are really something.
Here we are home again... And Gaela is home for lunch too! Can you tell we drive on dirt roads a lot??

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