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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What Stephanie And I See When We Walk Downtown

Bundled up and ready to go
This dog barks and growls at us every time we walk by. Stephanie always yells "No Barking! Enough!"
This house belongs to the Mom of one of Stephanie's former bus drivers. A few summers back they had one of the best yard sales I have ever been to. As I pushed Stephanie in her chair down the driveway she saw the bus driver. Stephanie yelled "No! No School!" That just makes me smile when we walk by. Also some great acorn caps for crafting from the tree in front of the house.
This church has a great rummage sale every year. It is always the last sale of the season. I never miss it.
This is a new shop in town. It will become my go to stop for a number of craft supplies.
These two shops are always on my list of stops. The book store is fun to browse and has a nice selection of greeting cards... I bought a card today. The Resale Shop has a bit of everything. Today I bought two dream catchers for Gaela, some yarn and some fabric... I also bring things in to sell on consignment.
This is the front door to the fabric store. There is a door around back I can get Stephanie's wheelchair into. The building was once a bank and the sale fabric is displayed in the vault! They have the most wonderful fabric!
This is my friend Karlee's shop So Me Unique Finds and Designs. She makes most of the things in the store but takes a few of my pieces too. It is filled with fun things!
This is the post office where I wish I had more to mail every day!!!
The large orange Fluffer-Nutter cat that lives here wasn't out today. When he is out he comes down the driveway to say Hi! He has so many extra toes on each foot it looks like he has two paws on each leg.
Here we are home again! This is almost a four mile round trip....


  1. Connie, what a wonderful tour of your little town. So cute; I wanna come along with you and Stephanie. I don't know if I could make the 4 miles round trip though! I might have to hitch a ride with Stephanie.

  2. What a beautiful little town you live in!

  3. Connie, What a wonderful small town you live in. The nice thing too is that you have sidewalks all along the way. It's way different than my town with about 150 thousand people. It's interesting learning about peoples lives and how similar or different we are. Have a fantastic day and hope it was very productive even with the storm.
    Love, Jules