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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our Yard In Winter

Left side of the front yard.
Our plum tree and the spot where the pine tree used to be... Pat cut it down when I was gone one day..
This is what is left of our beautiful ash tree.. We lost it to the emerald ash borer a few years ago.
The left (West) side of the house.... In the summer there will be tomato plants here!
The shrubs lining fence between ours and our neighbors yard.
This is a familiar view of the back yard for those of you who followed my January photo a day series.
This is this waterfall and pond my husband built with stones from job sites and around the house... The stacked slate is salvaged from the old roof of a church in Ann Arbor. A tree fell on the stacked slate this Fall to late in the season to repair at the time. Pat has a plan for refurbishing it this Spring.
This is the top part of the back yard.
Our compost pile... Our plants like this very much.
I got these planters on trash day... I can't believe someone would have thrown them out.. Or that they thought the trash men would take them.. They weigh a ton. I could barely get them into the car...
This is the Winter storage area.. In the Spring it is a strawberry patch.
And full circle around the East side of the house.

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