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I am a Mom, Wife and Daughter. Say road trip and I am all ready in the car. I do love to stay home too. I am either reading, sewing, crocheting, doing something with paper or taking care of my family at any given moment.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yesterday my oldest daughter,Elizabeth, came over with her dog and we went for a long walk. Sam , the dog, is a sweet yellow lab and he enjoyed the path hear the pond the most. We had put Stephanie in her chair and it was nice for her to get out in the fresh air too. We walked nearly four miles. I just finished reading "I'll Never Be French (No Matter What I Do)" by Mark Greenside. Essays about adjusting to life on two continents. Very amusing. It got below freezing last night.... The second time this month. I'll have to bring the rest of my potted plants in today to winter over. The cats will love that... They think all the house plants are appetizers! Today I am cooking several casseroles to freeze and take to Illinois with me later this week. I'll make double batches so I won't have to cook this week at all! Gaela was in Detroit last night at the Hanson concert. Last I heard she had a blast. I'll hear more later. I am off to enjoy the day. It is sunny and cold here just the way I like it.

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