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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Well, yesterday my walk ended up rewarding... It always does on trash day. I picked up a cd something about the shine on a cd makes me know I will be able to do something with it.. I have a stack of them. How they end up on the road with such regularity is beyond me. Anyway, I also found a cheap print in a really nice mat and frame. The glass is broken but that is easy to cut to fit something else and the frame will come in handy as well. I had seen an old battered sled that I was going to throw in the trunk of my car as I left the sub for appointments in town, but sadly (at least it isn't in the landfill though) it was gone as I drove by. I was going to use it as a plant stand in the front window for the potted plants I winter over inside. A few houses down from the missing sled was a stack of encyclopedias in great condition that hadn't been there earlier (I walk really really early). I passed, thinking what would I do with those and what will my husband do with me??? I got a door down and put the car in reverse. I just couldn't let a book go to the landfill. I thought I could donate them to the library or cut them up or fold them for altered art projects. Then I thought how am I going to fit my daughter's (Stephanie) wheel chair in the trunk with all those books? The solution... I asked her teachers while I was picking her up if they wanted a set of encyclopedias for the classroom they were out the door with a wheeled cart faster than I could wheel Stephanie out the door. Good news for the planet and the classroom. Today on my walk I found three beer cans...Not good since they had been thrown from a car... drinking and driving.. I am so not a fan... But the good news is here in Michigan finding three cans is like finding three dimes! All that and I burned a few calories and thought a few thoughts and saw lots of geese and ducks getting ready to head south.

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