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Saturday, October 24, 2009

I have had a whirlwind couple of weeks. I'll start at the first of October and work forward. Our little town has PumpkinFest every year the first weekend in October. There is a craft show, carnival, contests and a LONG parade. Usually I put my daughter in her chair and go see the parade and then walk to the craft show and make a Saturday of it but thus year it was cold and rainy. We know lots of people in the parade and S usually has a good time waving at all her friends and filling a bag with giveaways from businesses and organizations. This year her sister was Up North and wasn't in the parade with her preschool students and most of her friends were staying home because of the weather. I thought that at least on Sunday we could walk down to the Craft Show and watch the dog contest but the weather was still cold and it was pouring rain. I stopped in to the craft show that afternoon to support the local crafters on the way to the grocery store. I shared the hallways of the Middle School with many wet dogs as the dog competition had to be canceled due to weather., also lots of wet people. I did my best to support fellow artists and crafters. I got a huge jar of Michigan honey for my husbands tea this winter, 2 greeting cards for 2 of my In-Laws October birthdays and the best 2 salt lamps from a lady who has been at the PumpkinFest forever and has had to stop because her back can't lift the heavy boxes for set up anymore... The cards were beautiful but one was a bit too fat and cost way extra in postage, my Grandmother-In-Law is worth it though! That is just something to keep in mind when making or buying cards. I got a pyramid shaped salt lamp that heats up with a night light set and a natural rock shape lump of salt that holds a tea lite candle. A few years ago I had bought my oldest daughter a pyramid shaped one that she loves. I wish I had had the money to purchase something from 2 other vendors. Vintage Silverware Treasures had jewelry and home decor items made from vintage silverware pieces. Beautiful stuff and there table set up was terrific. The first layer was a plain white table covering with a white chenille skirt. Next came beautiful vintage hankies laid flat like placemats, then to create levels they used vintage clear glass cake stands. The other vendor was Alphabetical Architecture. This couple had a great eye for taking architectural photos and seeing the alphabet in them. check out www.alphabeticalarchitecture.com. I went off to the grocery store after that and my most excellent day was improved by a book sale in front of the grocery store. They were selling hardcover books for a dime and paperbacks for five for a dime. I bought a few books to read and a couple to sell. I love it when I fall into stuff like that.

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