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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ducks On The Pond: A short story

As we walked yesterday we saw these ducks on the pond. This is unusual. This is the pond where the geese hang out. The pond across the path is where the ducks usually are. Anyway, There are three adults and one baby duck on a log, one Mamma duck and three babies in the water and one loner off to the side. I started a narration in my head about the day the ducks were having. First off the Loner didn't want to be alone and was trying to figure out how to be friends. The baby on the log was on a time out. The other three babies were on their Mamma's last nerve. I know this because she was heading one way across the pond and the trio was heading the other. She was quacking to beat the band (quite literally there was a high school football game across the way and the Marching Band was loud) She wanted these bad babies over with her as it was bath time... They finally swung around her way and started splashing around with her. In the mean time the Loner had started his approach to the group on the log. They were ready to accept him into the gang. I guess initiation was over and the decision had been made in his favor. The baby on the log came off time out like a hockey player out of the penalty box and he headed straight for his partners in crime. Mamma duck had started swimming toward home and the babies were ignoring her quacks to follow. The Men on the log watched in amusement. The whole scene amused Stephanie and me.

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