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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gutting the kitchen

My husband gave me four days to clear out the lower kitchen cupboards and all my projects off the table so he could start gutting the kitchen! The lower cupboards were so useless that took less than an hour. The craft stuff on the kitchen table is another story... The sink was a single tub stainless sink and the garbage disposal had rusted through making our drain a bucket we had to carry outside so all this is really necessary! The back splash was fake brick painted flat white with texture paint... Hideous and unclean-able!! But we hadn't counted on having to rip out the drywall with the bricks... Always something with a remodel project! We are one day into the project and the cabinets are outside!! There is a weird wall into the family room that I want gone and so far there is a hole cut into it and my husband has finished installing the wood flooring all the way to the wall. He had already ripped up the three layers of linoleum and leveled the floor a year or so ago and put down the wood up to the cabinets. Now we have to find cabinets. I already found a double stainless sink at the Habitat For Humanity Resale Store! A new to us sink for $20. and a good cause to boot!

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