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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On New Years Eve my husband came home from work and built our daughter a snowman. She was delighted. He is kind of a spooky fellow but S had fun watching and my husband had fun making it for her. His hair is a sprig of dried zebra grass, his eyes baby carrots. It has been below freezing ever since so the little man has really held up. We are hoping for a January thaw soon so I thought I would snap a few last pictures of our friend covered in a few more inches of snow than when built. We will miss him but a few degrees above freezing will be welcome. I tried to walk on Monday and slipped and fell. I am still recovering from that... No major damage but still... At least no one saw me....or maybe they did and stayed hidden. Anyway if the ice melts a little I will be able to get a walk in!

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