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Friday, December 4, 2009

I can't say I love it but I did put the tree up today. Everyone is always so helpful putting it up. I end up taking it down alone. Oh, well. We have only lights on it so far and maybe it will stay that way. The boys have all ready climbed it and weren't about to let anyone near their new plaything. I have it tied to a bolt in the wall my husband put there just for this reason... When the cats are up in the tree they knock it down. The best part of this is I had to clean the living room. I hate housework but if you are going to move furniture for the tree I feel I might as well do it right. I brought the bakers rack in from the Florida room for the potted plants that are wintering over in the house. That will stay in the living room till Spring. I am thinking that the coffee table will go on freecycle tomorrow and I'll bring the coffee table in from the Florida room too. I like that one better and my husband hates them both so it won't matter to him. I make the family sound like Grinchs but really they're just busy. My younger daughter and I nearly fell to the floor laughing as we started to bring the tree up from the basement and the bottom fell out of the box. She spent an hour fixing the branches at just the right angles and putting the lights on it. When S got off the bus and I pushed her chair in the front door her face lit up. She knows Santa is near when the tree is up. She shared her chips and salsa with a stuffed reindeer. Tomorrow is two craft shows and some shopping for stocking stuffers with my daughter. Sunday I am going fabric shopping with a friend.

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