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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On Saturday after my daughter's music lesson we went to two new (to us) Salvation Army Stores. She found a few pieces of clothing for herself and for gifts at each store. She also found an elephant figurine with its trunk up for luck and good fortune. The clerk broke off the ear and so she got it for free. The ear is glued back on and it is as good as new. I found some books, some sheet music from the 1800's, some new in the packages 1950's sheets and pillow cases and the best find a vintage in the box with all the parts photographic laboratory scale!! All will be in my store as soon as I have time to list. Even if we hadn't found anything we had a great day! We got home and my oldest daughter and her boyfriend came to dinner. I had made an easy to eat quiche for my daughter. It is one of her childhood favorites, dinner pie, and with her Bell's Palsy she needed some comfort food she could actually eat. Sunday my husband made her some spicy chicken peanut soup that is pureed so she could sip it through a straw. On Monday I went for a walk the first day it wasn't really slippery out.. Plus it is hard to keep me home on trash day. Anyway, I found a pile of books that will either be used for art projects or donated to the library, nothing special in the bunch but books shouldn't be thrown out, a trophy that I am going to try to turn into a lamp, a small Christmas tree that I will decorate for next year with tiny ornaments and the best thing as far as I am concerned a bird bath base terra cotta embossed with birds in mint condition. I can't wait till spring to put that out. Now I have to figure put exactly what I will top it with. Maybe the perfect top will be thrown out next week??

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