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Sunday, October 21, 2012


Charlie was rescued by a local man from certain death on our Michigan roads. At first Charlie's rescuer began searching for a forever home for him while getting Charlie the medical help he needed. As the days moved on he fell in love with Charlie and decided that he was this lucky cat's forever home. He then got the word he was being transferred to China for a year. Charlie is being boarded at the kennel where my daughter works for the full year. The man's mom comes by and visits and takes pictures for him and on occasion Charlie comes home with Gaela for a stayCATion from kennel life. He spends most of his time guarding our home from marauding squirrels and chipmunks from this perch in our florida room. He takes occasional breaks from his grueling schedule to get some belly rubs from the people that live here. Our resident cats are not big fans of Charlie but they are tolerating the intrusion by cowering under beds and cabinets.

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