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I am a Mom, Wife and Daughter. Say road trip and I am all ready in the car. I do love to stay home too. I am either reading, sewing, crocheting, doing something with paper or taking care of my family at any given moment.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I Made Today

I got these matching mirrors on the same day at two different Salvation Armies. I painted the frames with chalkboard paint and then embellished them with burlap, black lace, pages from a vintage falling apart copy of Cannery Row and a few vintage buttons! I think they came out great!


  1. Connie what about decoupaging the old pages onto the mirror, then embellishing on top of the pages...

    1. Oh my goodness..... That is the project still on the garage floor...I used chalk board paint on the frame of these mirrors so that one could write something clever if one wished..... I have some old cupboard doors in progress that I painted with chalkboard paint in the center and the frames will be the decoupaged book pages with the embellishments on top.

  2. How clever and I think it is funny how you found matching mirrors at two different stores. Cool story. :)