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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pat and I were busy yesterday....

Pat worked outside..... The bird bath is something I dragged home last fall in three pieces. It is heavier than you can imagine. Pat secured the bath to the base and reattached the round flower center! It is ready to go! The tree is something Pat rescued from the landscapers scrap heap also in the fall. It is budding out and seems ready to take over where we had to cut down a dead tree! The pond is getting a revamp as well. Pat worked hard digging it deeper and giving it a proper liner. Besides being decorative and soothing with the sound of the waterfall the pond acts as a cistern all summer so the extra depth will make the flowers and the frogs happy. I worked inside..... I just hung a new shelving piece in Stephanie's room and rearranged the display shelves and added a bookcase for my yarn.....Our house is small and I have to store things where I can....Next for Stephanie's room are new curtains!


  1. Teeheehee, looks like Pat planted the tree upside down with the roots showing :). I'm glad it's budding out; what kind is it?

    LOVE the bird bath! The birdies will too.

  2. We have no idea what kind of tree it is since Pat dug it up and brought it home from work before the landscapers could chop it down and toss it. I guess we shall see when Summer comes....Or not for the first 10 years we lived here he called the oak tree out back a maple....