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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Frog in the Pond

The other day Gaela came home from a day on the lake and headed out to our little back yard pond. She came flying back in asking if we had seen all the frogs in the pond.... We haven't had frogs in our pond since Spring when it got warm early and the frogs thought it was safe to come out.... Then we had a cold snap. Well, I counted six frogs... Gaela said she had counted eight of them. Pat was baffled as to where they all could have come from in such a short time.... He had just been out there watering. Gaela couldn't contain her joke any longer, she had brought them home from the lake and planted them in our pond. I have only seen two frogs since then. Don't know if they are the same two frogs or they are taking turns posing for us. However many stayed in our pond how confused they must be!

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