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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cadillac Meets A Turtle

Right after this Pat put the turtle down and it attacked poor Cadillac. He is forever traumatized. Pontiac came into the room poofed up and ran. The turtle was returned to the yard where it proceeded on its way up the hill and over to the larger pond in the thicket behind us.


  1. Ha! (I'm sorry the cats feel traumatized, but being spooked by a turtle is just a little bit funny.)

    1. Colleen.... My Boys are more than a little bit funny! Sheldon Gaela's bunny chases them around and bites. They are terrified of him. Whenever the cats and the rabbit are loose together the cats run and the rabbit has a mouth full of kitty fur. All the rabbits we have had before and the cats were fast friends and the boys are very confused.